It is our hope that at some time during the service participants will connect with God in some way.  We recognize that some people find God in music, others in prayer, others in the message brought forth by the pastor.  We are grateful for all who come to worship with us.


Early Jamboree Service  

This is a relaxed music filled service that seeks to connect the participant  with the Holy Spirit by worshiping and singing contemporary songs of worship and praise.  You will find friendly people dressed in causal attire worshiping God as the Holy Spirit moves them.  The message by our pastor is Biblically based, inspiring and relevant to the lives we live in the 21st century.  The sacrament of Communion is served on the first Sunday of the month for this service.  The worship gathering lasts about an hour.

Traditional Service

This worship gathering is traditional in all aspect of the worship service.  People gather and share greetings with one another as they make their way into the sanctuary.  You may find some people dressed more formally in this service, but causal and comfortable is considered quite acceptable.  This service includes more traditional music and hymns, our sanctuary choice, a time for All God's Children and a varied inspiring message that is delivered by our pastor or invited guest as in the Contemporary Worship Service.  We refer to this service as our "Traditional" service but rest assured, the Holy Spirit is just as alive in this service as it is in our Contemporary Worship Service.  Communion is offered to all in worship on the first Sunday of each month.

Our Nursery and Sunday Youth Education

A nursery is provided for infant children up to 4 years old for both worship times, both before and after.  Sunday School is available at 10:30 am for children 5 to Adult age classes.  Sunday School classes for children continues during the summer months.  


Vision of First United Methodist Church of Fountain ...

Opening our hearts, minds and doors to connect with God's growing community.